MeLouisSirois262-web(1)According to federal and provincial legislation, it is possible for a taxpayer to initiate a request for voluntary disclosure anonymously, using in particular the services of a lawyer.
In such circumstances, the process of opening a file, as well as talks, communications and negotiations are made by the lawyer, without the taxpayer is identified.
Only at the end of the process, after the agreement, the taxpayer is identified. But if ever there is no agreement possible, then the file is closed, without the identity of the customer is provided to tax authorities.
The tax authorities, however, requires certain prerequisites before granting the benefits of “voluntary disclosure” to a taxpayer. Contact us to learn more …
Our firm provides to a taxpayer who wishes to update its file, relevant expertise to negotiate this kind of comprehensive settlement agreement. It is even possible to first consult the tax authorities, without disclosing the name of the taxpayer, all in order to ascertain whether that proposed voluntary disclosure seems possible.

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